Photo: Sabina Askholm Larsen/DTU

Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering

Three specialised study tracks that give you a unique understanding of working as an engineer in the Arctic.

The Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering welcomed the first students in September 2016.

Next application deadline is 15 January 2019

Photo: RODE IMAGES / Joachim Rode

“The Nordic Five Tech programme is a good example of how the Nordic countries can remain at the forefront when it comes to creating solutions that can contribute to the development in the Arctic region. We will be even better prepared for the future thanks to the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering”

- Carsten Hansen, Former Danish Minister for Nordic Cooperation

Photo: NTNU
Focus on Arctic Geoengineering
Photo: UNIS
Focus on Arctic Ships and Offshore Structures
Photo: ESA
Focus on mapping and observing the Arctic
Photo: NTNU
A unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in the Arctic.
25 MAY 2018