In the Programme

Welcome to the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering! For the next two years, you will experience at least two university campus and environments, while studying for your double degree. We arrange a social weekend every year and our students are active in extracurricular activities

This section is for students who are already in the programme or who are going to start in the programme. But all others are of course also welcome to read it, in particular prospective applicants. It gives some practical information in more or less chronological order.

Semester 1

Before your arrival the international departments of University 1 will have sent you various relevant material. They have also helped you with housing and signing up for courses for your first semester. Moreover, they will make welcome arrangements for you as well as for all other international students, so you can get easily and quickly comfortable in your new surroundings.

Please also check the website of the university where you start and be aware that the first day of the semester is different at Aalto, DTU and NTNU!

There will be a social weekend for all first and second year students. The aim of the weekend is for all students and academic coordinators to meet and network, get more information about the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering and related research and career possibilities, visit the universities and have a good time! 

The Land track students have to register for the Arctic Semester before October 1

Sea track students spending semester 2 at UNIS need to apply by October 15. Remember to state in your UNIS application that you are a Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering student. 

Semester 2

In semester 2, all Land track students will be in Greenland. Some Sea track students will be at UNIS. 

Land track and Sea students spending semester 3 at UNIS ( needs to apply by April 15. Remember to state in your UNIS application that you are a Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering student and you have to apply as an NTNU student. 

Land track students going to NTNU for semester 3 will receive information about the Specialization Projects available mid-semester and how to proceed with these.

Transfer from University 1 to University 2

During the second semester, typically in March/April, you will receive registration information from University 2. It contains information on how apply for a residencepermit in country 2, how to register for courses, how to apply for Erasmus exchange funding, information on accommodation etc. Procedures vary from university to university, so please read the information carefully. 

Semester 3

The third semester gives you the challenges of a new university and a new Nordic country. If you are not from a Nordic country you have probably always had an impression of very similar countries, but now you will have the opportunity of studying all the differences, both between universities and countries. During this semester you should also think about your thesis.

In Semester 3 there will be another social weekend

Preparing the MSc thesis (link til MSc thesis)

During your third semester you should take contact to a professor at University 2 to discuss the possibilities of a thesis topic. Be aware that the MSc thesis topic is determined by University 2.

Please note that while you do your thesis according to the rules that apply to thesis work at University 2, you must have a supervisor from University 1, and your thesis will be evaluated by both universities. This is a condition for the double degree and the double diploma.

If you cannot find a supervisor from University 1, contact your academic contact person at University 1 .

To make sure that all formalities are fulfilled before you start your thesis, you have to fill out the thesis agreement form and send to the programme coordinator.

Semester 4 

You will write your thesis this semester and it is your responsibility to utilize the thesis supervisors both from University 2 where you are present, but also the supervisor from University 1. We suggest that you make a weekly informal progress report that you send to all your supervisors by email.

The thesis has to be defended/evaluated according to the rules at the two universities involved. When you have finished your thesis you must give a presentation of it, according to each partner university rules:

  • Aalto: presentation of the thesis must be done either at Aalto or at the partner university
  • DTU: a thesis defence is required and counts towards the final grade.
  • NTNU: no presentation required

Evaluation of thesis

Your thesis will be evaluated according to the rules of the involved University 1 and 2. Your supervisors will discuss the assessment criteria extensively and t is a goal that you get one grade for your thesis. However, since the thesis assessment criteria differ between the partner universities it can occur that you get two different grades.


The Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering is a double degree programme and you will get two diplomas, one from each university you attend. Additionally, you will get a diploma insert that explains the programme. Once you have successfully completed the courses and MSc thesis, your two diplomas and the insert will be sent to you by post. Make sure that you keep your address updated after you have graduated. 

We’ll might invite you back to the programme for giving talks at the social weekend or in courses or asking for your contribution in the stakeholder group. So stay in touch by joining the Cold Climate Engineering LinkedIn group.
14 JUNE 2024