Career prospects

Career Prospects for Cold Climate Engineers

When you finish the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering you will benefit from the combined competences, knowledge and facilities from some of the world’s leading technical universities in the field of Arctic research. You will also gain a holistic approach to engineering in one of the most challenging regions of the world.

Each track gives a profound understanding of how the obtained specialisations can be applied in jobs as consulting or practising engineers, working in places such as design and construction companies, the mining industry, high-tech companies, research operations, and governmental bodies.

All graduates will be prepared to work in teams of experts with different international backgrounds (education, values, language, culture, etc.).

Below you can see how some of the companies working in the Arctic can make use of graduates from the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering.


Industrial Career Prospects

Leaving Your Comfort Zone is Valuable

“In the Arctic the industry need to take a stepwise approach to further development and work with risk management in a way that is quite unlike anywhere else in the world. None of the projects can be solved with one single scientific discipline. We have many considerations to balance and that requires employees with different backgrounds.

We need employees who understand the Arctic and know how to solve the challenges we face there. We also want to hire employees who stand out. Graduates from the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering will do just that because we know that they have left their comfort zone in order to go to the Arctic during their studies and get hands-on experience. The programme is a great initiative and I expect that the graduates will be much appreciated in the industry.“

- Per Olav Moslet, Senior Principal Engineer, DNV GL A/S

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Graduates with Arctic Experience are in Demand 

“At Golder Associates we find it very exciting that so many new engineers with special Arctic skill will be educated. Graduates from the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering are not limited to working in cold and Arctic environments. The knowledge they get during the education will be useful all over the world.

Another good thing about the programme is the fact that it includes long-term study visits in the Arctic. This is very interesting for us since the graduates will have practical experience in this challenging part of the world before even starting their first job. This means that graduates from the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering can save the industry money by helping us offer the service that our clients demand in a better and faster way because they already know and understand the Arctic conditions.”

- Niels Strufe, Arctic Group Leader, Golder Associates Denmark

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 RODE IMAGES / Joachim Rode
14 JUNE 2024