Tuition Fees

DTU charges tuition fees to non-EU/EEA citizens.

The following non-EU/EEA citizens are exempted from tuition fees at DTU:

  • Students with a “permanent residence permit” or a “time-limited residence permit issued with a possibility of permanent residence in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden”.
  • Students who have dual citizenship in both an EU country and a non-EU country.

Please note that from 2015 Aalto University introduced the tuition fees for non-EU international students. The amount at MSc level is € 15 000. Together with the tuition fees, scholarships and tuition fee waivers have been introduced.

You will find more information about fees at Aalto University here.

Tuition fees at NTNU: NTNU charges no tuition fees to Nordic Five Tech JMP students.

 More information is available on their web page about the tuition fees.
14 JUNE 2024