DTU's Arctic Technology Centre (ARTEK) situated in Sisimiut, Greenland. Photo: ARTEK

DTU contributes to the Land and Space Tracks of the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering.

DTU has extensive Arctic activities in the field of engineering in several departments and has more than 100 years of practical experience of Arctic operations.

Some of the facilities that DTU has to its disposal are:

  • Arctic Technology Centre (ARTEK) situated in Sisimiut, Greenland
  • Greenlandic field sites
  • A variety of measurement stations and laboratory facilities placed in Greenland
  • Research vessel Dana

Centre for Arctic Technology in Greenland

DTU Civil Engineering hosts the Arctic Technology Centre (ARTEK). ARTEK is a partnership between DTU and the Greenlandic self-rule and is situated in Sisimiut, Greenland.

The centre educates Arctic engineers and carries out research and innovation projects in Arctic technology. The research conducted at ARTEK covers engineering aspects of the three main fields: building and construction technology, the environment and natural resources and energy generation.

ARTEK is a certified Greenlandic educational institution that was established in 2000 and so far has graduated nearly 50 Arctic engineers on BSc level. 

From spring 2016, DTU will offer the Arctic Semester where master students spend a semester in the ARTEK campus in Sisimiut. The Arctic Semester is part of the Land Track of the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering.

Please visit DTU's website for more information.

13 DECEMBER 2018