Admission Requirements

The following prerequisites are required to be admitted to the Sea Track of the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering.

Students with the following Bachelor’s degree can apply to the Sea Track:

  • Naval Architecture
  • Marine Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Applied Physics and Mathematics


Other requirements:

  • Students need to have a high quality BSc degree with at least 30 ECTS in Mathematics, of which at least 5 should be in Statistics, and at least 20 ECTs in Mechanics/ Physics and/or Thermodynamics. These courses can include a) General physics, b) Applied solid, fluid or thermo-mechanics and/ or c) Structural/engineering mechanics.
  • Students with a BSc in Naval Architecture, Marine Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Applied Physics and mathematics are encourages to apply if they fulfill the requirements specified above.
14 JUNE 2024